The Mighty 12 Are Now the Mighty 40!

In November 2015, 12 young girls, ranging in age from 11 to 13, arrived on the doorsteps of the Magnolia Rescue Center in southern Kenya. The girls, affectionately known as the Mighty 12, had left their villages to escape Masai cultural practices that would prepare...

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Fall Foliage Trips in Washington State

Although we're called the Evergreen State, Washington is not just green. Fiery red. Vibrant yellow. Deep, rich gold. The fall color in the Pacific Northwest states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington can be as spectacular as anywhere in the country. The display...

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12,000 Rain Gardens in Puget Sound!

And, boy, have we had enough rain in the last month to put these gardens to the test! Washington State University and Stewardship Partners are leading a groundbreaking campaign to install 12,000 rain gardens in the Seattle/Puget Sound Region by 2016. You can actively...

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