For over a decade, Rainbow of Magnolia’s Dariusz Stuj has leveraged his work here in the Pacific Northwest to help children all over the world eat, learn, and live better through his charity, Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life.

In poor areas, it’s a daunting and often impossible task to acquire the resources needed to start businesses and build schools, play fields, and other structures that support the strength and evolution of a community and its children. Rainbow of Magnolia Fountain of Life volunteers raise funds, provide expertise, and their own labor to help build these community focal points so children can learn, play, and grow safely in vital communities they themselves define. Read about Dariusz’ inspiration below:

Dariusz in Nepal Race for Children to raise micro-finance funds for the development of a honey production business by Chepang women in a remote area of Nepal.

A long time ago I discovered that, for me, the real route to happiness lay in helping others. My journey began when my family and I had the opportunity to help the homeless in our neighborhood. What I found in these pursuits was that these unfortunate neighbors were very stable in body and mind but lacked the bare essentials of life that allow those who have them to progress.  What they needed in terms of help, that I knew I could provide, were food, water, safety and shelter.  With these essentials present, they had the presence of mind to focus their energies on caring for each other and moving their own lives forward rather than simply living for the day.

In 2007, with these experiences indelibly in my mind, I sought out opportunities to join with those who felt the same deep sense of fulfillment in helping others as I did; individuals who gave from their hearts with no other motive than to help our poorest in the poorest of situations – to have a fighting chance. It was through these efforts that I became aware of the plight of a Masai tribe in southern Kenya trying to maintain their way of life despite critical shortages of clean drinking water.  Worse was the impact of unsanitary water sources on the children in the village so my family put its minds towards raising funds to provide a sustainable source of clean water for the village.  Many were enthusiastic in their support of my family’s efforts.  Even the employees at my company, Rainbow of Magnolia Landscaping, were so touched by the need to help these children that my staff agreed to forego their wages for one week, donating them instead to our Maasai clean water project.

The Masai Community gave our project the name, Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life

Our visit was a touching and productive one.  We dug several wells and hardened them with the materials our fund raising enabled.  The day that we left was very emotional.  The villagers were such good people and so truly appreciative of our support.  They made me feel as if I was family and I promised them that I would continue to support them in their efforts to raise healthy and happy children in a community where their culture and traditions could long prosper.

After returning from Kenya, I received a call from one of the children that we sponsored there.  I told him that I would do everything I could to help them improve their lives.  His response touched me more deeply than I could imagine, he said “Darek, our lives have already improved.” Our community is so happy and grateful in the thought that someone like you, a person from a different country, with a different skin color, would support them.

The continuation of that support has become my destiny.

Since that initial discovery, Dariusz’ charity has gone on to protect children’s health, safety and welfare, and develop community businesses and infrastructure. For example, this year Rainbow of Magnolia’s Fountains of Life will expand their support of the Panauti community in Nepal by assisting a local women’s group which has established an impressive micro credit organization. After 2015’s devastating earthquake, the women of the community bound themselves together to support one another when they needed funds to start small businesses, buy livestock, and pursue similar opportunities to improve conditions within their households and the wider community.  The funds are loaned in small amounts, thus the term “micro-lending”, then paid back over time at very low rates of interest which is then reinvested in the fund itself.

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