At Rainbow of Magnolia – Fountains of Life, one of our major goals is to position poor children to leverage fitness to overcome challenges and improve their lives.

To this end, we have partnered with the Seattle Marathon, professional running coaches, and former Olympians in East Africa to coach and mentor our children at our Kenya Rescue Center for girls. Our goal is to be able to train all of the children we support, as well as others who do not otherwise have sufficient resources nor access. If we are fortunate, perhaps one of our children may qualify for the World Junior Championships in the not-to-distant future!

Track Construction Is Underway!

To ensure the children always have local access to a save facility at which to train, Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life has begun construction of a 400m track and internal soccer field in Kimana, Kenya.


How Can You Help?

  • BE A COACH! Join us at our facility in Kenya and help us coach our children.
  • Contribute funds to support construction of our track and field.
  • Donate for the girls’ monthly living and education expenditures so that they always have a secure foundation on which to live.
  • Join us at our booth at the Seattle Marathon EXPO for the benefit of Masai girls.

About Rainbows of Magnolia Fountains of Life

At Rainbow of Magnolia – Fountains of Life, our mission is to help the poorest of children in developing countries. In this capacity we raise funds and provide services that local community members can leverage to provide:​

  • SAFE HAVENS for children



  • Facilities for FITNESS

Upcoming Projects to Fund

  • Honey farm

  • Running school

  • Water reservoir

  • Medical clinics

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